company company ISM CONTENEDORES is a leader company in the spanish market and at the present time the more specialized organization in the manufacture of all kind of metallic containers.

With a permanent staff larger than 100 people and 5.000 m2 of total profitable surface, ISM CONTENEDORES have the latest technology devices and the suitable productive processing in order to offer the better quality products.

At the same time, and answering our customers' requests, ISM SERVICIOS LOGÍSTICOS has a large catalogue of machinery for the waste's recycling. Everyone of these machines provides of a hight technology and an innovative design.

Our long experience in the market together with our prestigious customers are the best way to define the three main ISM CONTENEDORES targets: seriousness, quality and a good service.


Our mission is to get the best solution for the storeness, transport, distribution and waste's recycling for everyone of our customers.
Fortiā Casanovas, 13, L 1 - 08850 Gavā Barcelona (Espaņa) Tel.: 93 772 76 70 - Fax: 93 772 85 09 e-mail: